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National Montessori Education Week 2/21-2/27

Monday, February 22, 2021
This week is National Montessori Education Week. It is a time when Brookview Montessori School, along with many of the 5000 Montessori schools nationwide, celebrates all that is uniquely Montessori. 
What I love most about this week is that it reminds us that we are part of something larger. We have a Brookview community of about 70 like-minded current families, and a multitude of families who have been part of our community over our 45-year history. Think of how many thousands of families across the world are devoted to Montessori principles, both at home and at school! All of these families have similar experiences, similar worries, and the very same obstacles created by the Pandemic. 
An important goal for this week is to guide children to discover the gift of awarenessStudents will read books, have conversations, and do creative activities that cultivate a consciousness of the world within us and around us. 
Monday is the day for self-awareness, that is, being aware of how we are thinking, feeling, and behaving, and exploring our goals and purpose in life. Tuesday is the day for community awareness, which refers to the people you interact with every day-family, friends, and teachers, and those in the larger community and global village. On Wednesday we will celebrate environmental awareness-how individuals, communities, and cultures depend on and treat our planet. Thursday is a day for cultural awareness, when we focus on social behavior, beliefs, and practices in different cultures and the importance of celebrating sameness and difference alike. 
For all of us, this is a week to be aware that we belong to a worldwide movement--one that breeds kindness, diplomacy, understanding, love of all people, and peace. I invite you to celebrate alongside of us!
Larry Schanker, PhD
Executive Director