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welcome to our school

Brookview School is a non-profit independent Montessori community.  Brookview provides academically challenging, integrated Montessori instruction with an emphasis on environmental, cultural, and artistic awareness. 


At Brookview School, we want our students to experience school as a safe and welcoming place, where everyone is involved in learning, a place that is committed to bringing out the best in each child.  We can't predict the future, but we can predict that the adults of tomorrow will need to solve problems that don't exist yet.  Our goal is to teach our kids how to think for themselves, to think about how to look for answers without a guide or map; to think differently about problems - differently even then the way they were taught here.


Our Mission

Brookview School exists to educate children based on the teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori in an environment of academic excellence that nurtures each child's growth into a whole, responsible and integrated person.  That mission thrives on support from a multi-cultural, diverse and dedicated community of teachers, staff, parents and friends who work together to awaken in each child a spirit of inquiry, exploration, independence, resilience, adaptability, self-esteem, service and respect for all people.

Our Vision 

Brookview School’s vision is to be recognized as the premier provider in Southwest Michigan of an authentic Montessori education from infancy through middle school.  In support of that vision, the School will strive to create and enhance programs that encourage and assist children to reach their full potential by immersing them in an environment committed to academic excellence, developing their ability to use and appreciate the arts, promoting in them the development of a lifelong environmental awareness and ethic of stewardship, providing them the opportunity to gain fluency in Spanish and celebrating diversity in our community.


The Brookview Song (click on the link to hear Brookview students singing)

All kinds of people and all kinds of friends

Make up our little community.

From all over the world, from all over town,

We sing together in harmony.

We're free to find the way we want to be.

We love to learn in peace and unity.

Brookview is our own, Brookview feels like home.

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