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State of the School

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Thank you to all who attended the State of the School address given by our Executive Director this past Tuesday on Zoom.  If you could not attend, but would like to watch the presentation, please click here for the video recording and/or here for the PowerPoint.

Students Enjoy a Wonderful Week of TitaniCamp

Friday, June 25, 2021

Brookview's Elementary Summer Program has a different theme each week. This past week, students enjoyed TitaniCamp, with Upper Elementary Lead Teacher Lindsay Gaspari at the helm.

On Monday, the students learned about buoyancy. Here, Nathan demonstrates how the bulkheads in a ship can help keep a ship afloat even if there is a hole and water comes in:

On Tuesday, campers learned about Displacement. They also designed boats made out of 4”x6” rectangles of aluminum foil and tested the load capacity. The winning boat held 39 pennies before sinking!

We were delighted to also have guest speaker Scott Gaspari, who presented the history of the Titanic in 30 minute segments each day. He has been giving this presentation to students since he was nine years old! He has updated it over the decades as modern computer graphics generate more realistic images. Scott, thanks so much for sharing your expertise with us!

TitaniCampers learned about how density and salinity affect buoyancy, and how the salt in the ocean lowers the freezing point. Then they attempted to recreate a backyard ocean with the temperature of the North Atlantic the night the Titanic sank. They added 14 cups of salt and 4 bags of ice to a pool of water. When the temperature reached 28° some of them plunged a foot into the icy depths!

This Titanic model is designed to sink and break apart similarly to the way the real ship sank:

Mr. Scott shared the stories of several of the survivors of the Titanic disaster. Here, the students are hearing the incredible story of Violet Jessop, a stewardess and survivor of the sinkings of the Olympic, the Titanic, and the Britannic.

TitaniCampers learned about faulty rivets used on the Titanic. They made their own rivets from clay and pasta pieces. The clay represents pure iron and the pasta bits represent slag metal. After the “rivets” dry, the students compared the strength the slag metal rivets vs the pure iron rivets.

In this video, kids are playing Titanic at the park. There’s a wheel and a bell. One is ringing the bell furiously, someone is shouting about icebergs, and another is bellowing at people to get into lifeboats.

It was a wonderfully experiential week of learning.  We so appreciate the passion and expertise Lindsay and Scott passed on to the students.

While most of our Elementary Summer Camp Weeks are filled to capacity, we do have limited space in a few. Click here for a list of Summer Camp themes.

Please email info@brookviewschool.org for further information. 

Middle School Virtual Open House

Wednesday, June 16, 2021
 Are you interested in a Montessori education for your adolescent child? Attend our Middle School Virtual Open House to learn more about Brookview's Middle School Program, and the magic of a Montessori education for 7th and 8th grade students. This event is being held Tuesday June 22nd from 5-6pm EST. To register and receive a Zoom link and password, click here
At Brookview, we are proud to celebrate 45 years of offering Learning Beyond the Ordinary to students 6 weeks to 14 years old.

Brookview Wishing Tree Virtual Auction Starts Today!

Friday, April 23, 2021

This year, our Annual Wishing Tree Auction is taking place virtually. Over 100 items are available!

If you are interested in participating, visit wishingtree2021.givesmart.com to view available items and register.

The Silent Auction is currently open as of 9am, Friday, April 23rd, and will be open for bidding until 8:15pm on Saturday, April 24th. Also on Saturday, a Brookview slideshow will be streaming from 7-8pm, with a Live Pre-show from 8-8:30, and the Live Auction from 8:30-9. 

The "Wishing Tree" from which items can be purchased for our Classrooms and Facility is another possibility. You may also donate to "Fund-a-Need" to make a Montessori education more available affordable to all people, or even sponsor a child's Montessori education. 

Special thanks go out to our sponsors: Sturgis Bank, St. Joseph Pediatrics, Journeyman Distillery, and Fruitbelt Tart Sparkling Tonic. 

Please join us to support Brookview's mission to Celebrate Individuality and Ignite Passion for Learning in an Authentic Montessori Environment!

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"The Montessori Parent" Now Available

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Last week Brookview families were treated to a delightful evening of suggestions and discussion about how to best practice Montessori in the home. Click here to access a video recording of the event, which featured a panel of Brookview teachers, all of whom have children enrolled at our school. It is an hour and forty-five minutes long, and contains a wealth of information. Enjoy!

You may download the PowerPoint that goes with the presentation here

National Montessori Education Week 2/21-2/27

Monday, February 22, 2021
This week is National Montessori Education Week. It is a time when Brookview Montessori School, along with many of the 5000 Montessori schools nationwide, celebrates all that is uniquely Montessori. 
What I love most about this week is that it reminds us that we are part of something larger. We have a Brookview community of about 70 like-minded current families, and a multitude of families who have been part of our community over our 45-year history. Think of how many thousands of families across the world are devoted to Montessori principles, both at home and at school! All of these families have similar experiences, similar worries, and the very same obstacles created by the Pandemic. 
An important goal for this week is to guide children to discover the gift of awarenessStudents will read books, have conversations, and do creative activities that cultivate a consciousness of the world within us and around us. 
Monday is the day for self-awareness, that is, being aware of how we are thinking, feeling, and behaving, and exploring our goals and purpose in life. Tuesday is the day for community awareness, which refers to the people you interact with every day-family, friends, and teachers, and those in the larger community and global village. On Wednesday we will celebrate environmental awareness-how individuals, communities, and cultures depend on and treat our planet. Thursday is a day for cultural awareness, when we focus on social behavior, beliefs, and practices in different cultures and the importance of celebrating sameness and difference alike. 
For all of us, this is a week to be aware that we belong to a worldwide movement--one that breeds kindness, diplomacy, understanding, love of all people, and peace. I invite you to celebrate alongside of us!
Larry Schanker, PhD
Executive Director

Virtual "Open House" February 23 at 5pm

Tuesday, February 16, 2021
Next week, on Tuesday Feb. 23, we are hosting a Virtual "Open House" event as part of our celebration of National Montessori Education Week. The event will take place on Zoom from 5-6pm. All are welcome, and you can register for the event by clicking here. Registrants will receive a Zoom ID and Passcode previous to the event.

We will have teachers from each program present, and will give a brief description of Montessori education at each developmental level. In addition, we have parents from each program who have kindly volunteered to talk about their experiences at Brookview.

Please invite your friends, neighbors, and colleagues. The registration link also appears at the top of our homepage. 

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Virtual Give Back Week at The Livery

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Many of you have attended Brookview's Community Pint Nights at The Livery over the past few years. 

This year, in keeping with the times, The Livery has partnered with Toast, their online ordering system, to find a way to give back to community organizations.
Beginning Thursday, February 4 at 4pm, until Wednesday February 10 at 9pm, customers will have the opportunity to "round-up" their order to the nearest dollar, and the extra will be donated to Brookview Montessori School.
Our friends at The Livery has wonderful pizza, sandwiches, salads, and appetizers, and of course growlers and howlers of beer. Their COVID protocols have been outstanding, and contactless curbside pick up is available. 
Enjoy some delicious take-out and support Brookview at the same time! Click here to browse the menu using the special online ordering/round-up link (also specified in the calendar below) beginning on February 4th. Orders must be made online to qualify. 

Brookview Virtual Pirate Challenge

Monday, September 21, 2020
This year, our annual Pirate Run will look a bit different than in the past - you will now have 30 days to walk or run the distance of your choice, along the course(s) of your choosing. You may choose from a total goal of either 30 miles or 90 miles in 30 days when you register. Within each mileage category, there are 6 shorter distance badges to earn - so don't feel like you need to go the full 30 or 90 miles - you can set a goal that works for you (and your family)! 
All participants over the age of 6 will receive a t-shirt and a finisher medal, and you will be able to see your total logged distance on the online results page! Not only is this a fun way to get outside and be active as a family, but funds raised will go toward continued beautification of the outdoor Brookview learning environment.  

We are grateful (every year!) to Southwest Michigan Racers for setting up this event. In fact, you will see that some racers from the larger community have already begun the challenge. Join in, have some fun, and get some exercise between now and October 10th!
Click here to register.