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Montessori is an approach to education with the fundamental belief that a child learns best within a social environment that supports and respects each individual's unique development. 

Montessori education is characterized by multi-age classrooms, a special set of educational materials, student-chosen work in long time blocks, a collaborative environment with student mentors, absence of grades and tests, and individual and small group instruction in academic and social skills.

More than 5,000 schools in the United States, including 300 public schools, use the Montessori method.

To learn more about the science and research behind the Montessori Method, please view any of the useful resources listed below.


Websites & Links

The American Montessori Society This link to the American Montessori Society website contains a wealth of information on the Montessori method, the history of Montessori education, as well as Frequently Asked Questions.
Dr. Angeline Lillard Montessori Research Website Visit Angeline Lillard's website where you can find a multitude of articles on Montessori education, particularly emphasizing young children. Dr Lillard is also the author of Montessori: The Science Behind the Genius.
The Montessori Foundation Visit the Montessori Foundation's website for a brief biography of Maria Montessori and additional resources.
The North American Montessori Training Association Visit this website for useful resources and to rent in-depth videos on Montessori education for the nominal fee of $5 for 72 hours.


Montessori Madness View this brief video by Trevor Eissler, author of the book Montessori Madness: A Parent to Parent Argument for Montessori Education. This brief video provides a wonderful summary of the Montessori method.
Montessori Middle School Video

View this brief video to learn more about Montessori Middle School for the 21st Century.

Brookview Montessori School A brief video showing aspects of our Primary Program for students ages 3 to 6 at Brookview Montessori School