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Fully Accredited by AMS

Brookview Montessori is proud to state we are accredited by the American Montessori Society (AMS). Accreditation by AMS is the gold standard of Montessori school excellence—the highest level of recognition a Montessori school can achieve, and a highly visible indicator of a school’s quality. Currently, about 15% of their member schools are AMS-accredited; Brookview is one of only three schools in the State of Michigan accredited by AMS.

​So, what exactly does accreditation mean? Accreditation for AMS begins with an intensive self-study, by the school, involving Brookview’s entire community: parents, students, faculty, and staff. Our whopping 156-page self-study detailed every aspect of our school and took nine months to complete. At the end of the self-study period, a thorough onsite peer visit was conducted. In addition to determining whether Brookview met the over 100 AMS standards, the visiting team evaluated the school to see how well it was achieving its mission and goals—whether the school is what it says it is and does what it says it does.

AMS accreditation affirms that a school meets a standard of excellence recognized within the Montessori community and by educators worldwide. Because AMS is accredited by the National Council for Private School Accreditation, schools that are AMS-accredited also gain accreditation by the NCPSA. Additionally, accreditation assures families that their child's school is a quality one and that it is accountable to a larger body. In short, accreditation by AMS provides guidance, empowerment, and high ideals to implement in our school community and sustain the rigorous standards of quality Montessori education.

Benefits to Students: 

  • Promises child-centered, hands-on learning
  • Multi-age groupings allow children to lead, share, and serve as role models for their peers
  • Education by qualified, caring teachers, in Cosmic education, which provides children with a sense of perspective on their place in the world

Benefits to Parents:

  • Ensures an authentic Montessori education for your child
  • Guarantees Montessori-credentialed Lead Teachers in each classroom
  • Holds schools accountable to a strategic plan for the betterment of the school