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Middle School

It is no secret that early adolescence is a rocky time for children emotionally. Middle school students need nurturing, close relationships with adults, the opportunity to speak about their own feelings and personal tastes, and to move beyond their classroom and examine the larger community and how they fit into it. Why then, is this the time of life when we ask students to sit down, sit still, be quiet, and do what they are told?

At Brookview Montessori School, we believe in a very different kind of adolescent education. We believe in continued independence, integrated academics, outdoor education, and what Maria Montessori called “valorization.” This term can be best described as the feeling of pride one feels when they create, sell, or accomplish something that proves to them that they can make a place for themselves in the world – and make a living too!

We’re also very excited about our new team-teaching approach to Middle School. We will have new dedicated Science and Math teachers. Six of our current academic and enrichment class teachers will also lead courses on Literature, Writing, Health and Wellness, the Arts, Music, Spanish, and what has been called the engine of a Montessori adolescent program: Socratic Discussion. A new Agri-Science component to the curriculum will also be introduced, which will include raising quail and broiler chickens, organic gardening, and maple-sugaring.

With a focus on creativity, entrepreneurship, and strong academics through experiential learning--there is no better place for a 12-15 year old than Brookview Montessori School.

Meet Our Middle School Staff