Brookview is an independent private non-profit school that offers an exceptional education unlike any in the region. Your financial investment allows Brookview to continue the educational excellence we are known to provide. Below are additional details regarding discounts and tuition assistance available to Brookview students.

Tuition Discount

For families spending more than $20,000 annually we offer tiered discounts depending on your total annual bill. Annual tuition plus the cost of Summer Camp, Annual Early Bird, Annual Todo EL Dia, and Annual After-school programs are eligible to receive this discount. The tuition discount cannot be combined with any other discount.

  • $20,000-$24,999 = 5% discount
  • $25,000-$29,999 = 10% discount
  • $35,000-$44,999 = 15% discount
  • $45,000 or more = 20 % discount

New Student Referral Discount

A $1,000 tuition discount (1 per student) will be given to the referring family, once a signed contract from the new family is received. The new family must inform Brookview, who they were referred by. If the new family has been referred by two different families, the discount will be divided evenly between both referrals. The discount applies for each new student, with no limit per family. Tuition Discounts are not transferable.

If the referring family has prepaid their yearly tuition, Brookview will reimburse them $1,000. Families on monthly payments will receive a $1,000 tuition discount as a reduction in their next scheduled monthly FACTS payment.

 Tuition Assistance Program

Within the constraints of our budget, we are committed to providing qualified students tuition assistance. Brookview offers its tuition assistance program through the online FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment Service. There is a $35 fee for the application once it is complete.

An application for Tuition Assistance may only be completed after a family has submitted an enrollment agreement and has been issued a Tuition and Fee Statement. If your child is unable to enroll because of financial reasons, there is no further liability incurred and your $1000 enrollment deposit will be returned.

When entering the cost of your program, be sure to include Early Bird, Todo el dia and Summer Programs if you are participating. Please do not forget to mail or fax your supporting documentation to FACTS. This includes the previous years tax returns: W-2's and any 1099's you may have received. To expedite your application, please verify that FACTS has received the documentation.

FACTS will collect and verify your information and make a recommendation for tuition assistance to Brookview School. The final decision to offer tuition assistance rests with the school.

Set up FACTS Account or Apply for Tuition Assistance    (click on "applicant sign-in")

Please be aware that supporting tax documents will be required. Your application for assistance can only be considered once tax documents have been received and verified by FACTS.