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At Brookview Montessori School, we want children to experience a nurturing and supportive environment that builds a foundation for life-long learning. We provide an atmosphere where teachers use the vast Montessori curriculum and real-life experiences to challenge the child and create an internal, instinctive, and joyous love of learning. Led by their own curiosity and guided by their teachers, our students engage in inquiry, investigation, and discovery.

For more than 40 years, Brookview has offered:

  • A challenging academic program with an emphasis on eight well-established components of Montessori education:
    1. Mathematics
    2. Science
    3. History
    4. Geography
    5. Culture
    6. Language
    7. Sensory-motor development
    8. Practical Life
  • Enrichment classes in:
    1. Spanish
    2. Music
    3. Art
    4. Cooking and Wellness
    5. Nature Study and Sustainability
    6. Lifetime Fitness and Physical Education
    7. Field Experiences
    8. Community Service
  • A periodic International Exchange Program for older students
  • Guiding principles for behavior based on the universal values of: self-respect and respect for others, honesty, integrity, responsibility, compassion, peacefulness, and a love of community.