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At Brookview Montessori School, the Primary classroom is a calm, child-centered learning environment with an emphasis on personal responsibility. Children are encouraged to take care of their own belongings and personal needs such as cleaning up after themselves and preparing their own snacks.

In Primary, we aim to foster healthy self-esteem and sense of independence, allowing children to make their own choices and teaching them basic skills like pouring themselves a glass of water or putting their shoes on.

The Primary program is also the beginning of a child's academic career. Learning moves from concrete to abstract. Every child works at their own pace, using hands-on materials to study math, language, zoology, and cultural studies which include geography, history and science. Learning begins with the concrete and children make the connection to abstraction when they are ready.

Teachers prepare the environment based on observations of the children, to meet the needs of each individual child, and serve primarily as guides to discovery rather than providing direct instruction.

Children can choose their own work, but the classroom is also very structured in its setup and in how a lesson is presented. The child is given the freedom to learn how to make choices and do work that is engages them.

Children are highly motivated to learn and teach themselves when placed in a well-prepared environment and given the opportunity to work for long, uninterrupted periods of time. The learning happens naturally as the child develops concentration, coordination, independence, order, self-discipline, and a love of learning.

View the Typical Daily Routine for Primary

Video Presentations for Learning at Home

During the pandemic crisis, our teachers have had daily contact with the children through live Zoom presentations. They also have made a myriad of video presentations for their students. Please enjoy a sampling of of these below.

Ms. Lori's Poetry Video 1

Brookview's Primary Program is offered for students ages 3 to 6 years during the school year from September to June. Half or full day programs are available. Before and after-school programs are also available for Primary age children, as well as Summer Camp.

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