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"I feel I was well prepared for the freedoms of a college environment and well trained in self-motivation (which I see as a downfall for all too many of my friends). I also found that what I was taught at Brookview shaped me into a caring, open, peaceful, and non-judgmental person. It's also occurred to me that Brookview taught me to follow my dreams and be passionate about my education... with the woods, farm, and boardwalk all as resources for my education I saw the sciences as fun and interesting from a very early age."

- Allie, Former Brookview Student, ages 3 -13

"Our class plotted the garden out in the field and raised enough money to take our class and three chaperons to Alaska - our big claim to fame! I also went to Kendall College of Art and Design, worked at the top graphic design consultant firm in Grand Rapids for six years and recently quit to start a nonprofit organization that works with under-served individuals and students and technology. I loved my time at Brookview."

- Marie-Claire, Former Brookview Student, ages 7 to 13

"I am a proud mom of two great kids who began their early school years at Brookview. My daughter was a second grader and my son in pre-school when they first started at Brookview. They are now at the top of their class. I give the credit to Brookview School and its wonderful teachers. We thank them for providing our kids with an education that this year has proven to be a great foundation. I truly believe Brookview has given my children the tools to be successful throughout their academic school careers."

- Roxanne, Parent of two former students

"It is important for us to let you know that Brookview is the best school in this area. You did wonderful work with my daughter and I am sure she will carry all those 'special' learnings with her for life. Brookview put down a seed on her path to learn, and we will do our best to keep it alive. For me, her mom, Brookview did all the best…as I knew she was safe, and happy to learn and spend her days under Brookview's care. THANK YOU!"

- Monica, Parent of a former Brookview primary student

"Through the Krasl Art Center's Understanding Art program, our staff see thousands of children each year. Brookview students offer a mature perspective and inquisitive nature when viewing artwork at Krasl Art Center. These qualities result in a high level of student initiated dialogue - unique for any group."

- Julia Gourley, Krasl Art Center