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Brookview Wishing Tree Virtual Auction Starts Today!

Friday, April 23, 2021

This year, our Annual Wishing Tree Auction is taking place virtually. Over 100 items are available!

If you are interested in participating, visit wishingtree2021.givesmart.com to view available items and register.

The Silent Auction is currently open as of 9am, Friday, April 23rd, and will be open for bidding until 8:15pm on Saturday, April 24th. Also on Saturday, a Brookview slideshow will be streaming from 7-8pm, with a Live Pre-show from 8-8:30, and the Live Auction from 8:30-9. 

The "Wishing Tree" from which items can be purchased for our Classrooms and Facility is another possibility. You may also donate to "Fund-a-Need" to make a Montessori education more available affordable to all people, or even sponsor a child's Montessori education. 

Special thanks go out to our sponsors: Sturgis Bank, St. Joseph Pediatrics, Journeyman Distillery, and Fruitbelt Tart Sparkling Tonic. 

Please join us to support Brookview's mission to Celebrate Individuality and Ignite Passion for Learning in an Authentic Montessori Environment!

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